The New Year

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Acting, Graduation, Technology

Here’s some of the things I am now focusing on, now that the new year is upon me:

iPad theatre: See if I can get some broadway actors on New York and an hollywood actor to perform via iPad mask skype.  Need to research a good scene.

Rear-screen projection idea:  It’s an old technology, but with projector screens, broadband and CG, it could be amazing.  Some ideas:

  • Have an actor rear screened into a scene.  What about the ghost from Hamlet?
  • Virtual sets.  You can have sets that instantly change to new ones.  Or they can pivot around the room or characters can walk down halls.
  • A show in New York can have a real time Los Angeles sun setting sequence with an actor in the background.

Working on QR codes.  These little boxes can be read by smartphones and have links or info.

Need to get one of my tech friends suckered interested in this project.

Have reached out to SCVNGR for assistance with the game theory part of the show.  They have graciously agreed to upgrade my free account.  Thanks, y’all!




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