Committee Confirmed!

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Graduation

After much wrangling, I have finally secured a graduate project committee.  It consists of:

Professor John Binkley – Chair

Dr. J’aime Morrison – reader

Professor Mary Schaffer – reader

The securing of this committee, as I said before, was far more arduous than I anticipated.  There’s a lot of students trying to graduate this semester and only a finite amount of instructors who are qualified to serve on a committee.  Add to that the fact that while they’re encouraged to serve on a committee, they can say no.  This happened on more than one occasion to me and the reasons were varied (not cleared to serve, producing a play) and understandable (overbooked, not being paid to be on committee.)  I think at least 4 other professors declined before I came to this group.

Having said that, I look at these professors and realize I think that I got a great  committee.  Each one has a unique perspective on what I’ll be attempting and can contribute to the overall project.  My search was stressful, but I think the end result is going to be great.

Now all I have to do is mount a presentation that combined theatre, internet, social media and technology.  Easy, right?


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