Posted: February 8, 2011 in Presentation

I finally met the last member of my committee today, Professor Mary Schaffer from the film and TV department.  She wasn’t what I expected,the smiling, grand-motherly visage on her faculty webpage was replaced by a sharp, plain-talking and knowledgable person.

We had a really nice conversation and she cleared up a lot of things about the nuts and bolts of grad projects and such.  However, she did catch me off guard with a simple question: “What kind of audience do you want at your presentation?”

It’s something that I haven’t really considered that much.  Generally the reply is simply “My committee members and anyone else I can find!”  But for a project that is about the audience, I might need to consider it a little more carefully.

I could just keep it to family and friends.  A small, intimate gathering to showcase off what I know with a receptive, positive audience.  Or I could try to really press for a larger audience.  The goal would be to gather a diverse audience and show that my message can carry beyond the insiders of my life.  That seems like a more daunting task.

Of course, this is an educational venture, so the economics is less important than the content.  Additionally, I will be streaming this to the internet.  So not only will I have a larger audience from that, but the video will remain online and can continue to accure far more views than a physical audience.  So in the end, a smaller audience is probably okay, but bigger won’t be bad.


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