Sub(text) theatre

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Acting, Technology

If anyone is reading this, they will know most of the show.  Here, for example is the Sub(text) portion of the show.

the basic concept for this is that technology can enhance a performance.  Like Pop-up Videos from the early 1990s, people can receive texts that fill in supplemental information about the performance.  Different feeds can be created for cast notes, author notes, costume notes, historical context, ect.  For example, one person watching the Brick/Big Daddy scene from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof can receive texts about the fabric that Big Daddy’s suit is made of,while another can get more information about Big Daddy’s cancer and the prognosis in that era, while still a third can find out how this scene was challenging to memorize from the actor playing Brick.

It’s important to note that these texts, sent to phones on vibrate, are not specifically designed for the first time viewer, but rather for the repeat customer. Audience members can return to watch the show with new information that increases their enjoyment.  They get to select the texts they receive and can turn off the phone at any time.

Of course, eventually this can create a whole sub-genre of theatre where writers create specifically for the technology.  In example…



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