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Committee Confirmed!

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Graduation

After much wrangling, I have finally secured a graduate project committee.  It consists of:

Professor John Binkley – Chair

Dr. J’aime Morrison – reader

Professor Mary Schaffer – reader

The securing of this committee, as I said before, was far more arduous than I anticipated.  There’s a lot of students trying to graduate this semester and only a finite amount of instructors who are qualified to serve on a committee.  Add to that the fact that while they’re encouraged to serve on a committee, they can say no.  This happened on more than one occasion to me and the reasons were varied (not cleared to serve, producing a play) and understandable (overbooked, not being paid to be on committee.)  I think at least 4 other professors declined before I came to this group.

Having said that, I look at these professors and realize I think that I got a great  committee.  Each one has a unique perspective on what I’ll be attempting and can contribute to the overall project.  My search was stressful, but I think the end result is going to be great.

Now all I have to do is mount a presentation that combined theatre, internet, social media and technology.  Easy, right?


Getting a Chair

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Graduation

There’s been some degree of tension in working on this project because of the uncertainty involved.  Of course utilizing new (or more appropriately modern) technology in a famously stubborn and archaic medium is one, but on a practical level I still haven’t found my committee to approve of this project.  In order for my project to move forward, I need a project committee, composed of professors from the departement to approve my choices.  While I’ve been able to assemble the three necessary people, I need someone to act as the committee’s chairperson.  This person carries the bulk of the workload with me in planning and evaluating  my choices.  It’s a big task and to ask it of a professor is asking a big favor.  It feels like you’re asking someone to the prom, except there’s little dancing and a lot of paperwork.

I’m hoping that today I will find out if a professor I’ve asked to chair my project will agree.  This would be a huge relief for me and not only a validation of my project, but an official moment that I can finally say I’ve started the process.

Things are crossed for luck on this day.

The New Year

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Acting, Graduation, Technology

Here’s some of the things I am now focusing on, now that the new year is upon me:

iPad theatre: See if I can get some broadway actors on New York and an hollywood actor to perform via iPad mask skype.  Need to research a good scene.

Rear-screen projection idea:  It’s an old technology, but with projector screens, broadband and CG, it could be amazing.  Some ideas:

  • Have an actor rear screened into a scene.  What about the ghost from Hamlet?
  • Virtual sets.  You can have sets that instantly change to new ones.  Or they can pivot around the room or characters can walk down halls.
  • A show in New York can have a real time Los Angeles sun setting sequence with an actor in the background.

Working on QR codes.  These little boxes can be read by smartphones and have links or info.

Need to get one of my tech friends suckered interested in this project.

Have reached out to SCVNGR for assistance with the game theory part of the show.  They have graciously agreed to upgrade my free account.  Thanks, y’all!