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Have I Gone too Far?

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Presentation, Rehearsal

I timed out my presentation today.  Without performances, it clocked in at around 40 minutes.   Ouch.  40 minutes of me talking and powerpointing is a LOT of attention to be paid.  The performances are supposed to break up sections, but I worry about this being too much.

I’m always really focused on audience fatigue.  I’m advocating that we shake up the template of how we present theatre so as not to bore people and I might be doing just that with a long winded presentation.

There’s stuff that can definitely be cut, but I worry about what it will do to the shape of the show and what I’m trying to say.

Might have to go to a higher power on this.  My committee.




Posted: January 26, 2011 in Acting, Rehearsal

I need to cast my presentation.  Here’s all the roles I have (so far)

Host = Me

Puppets = 2 males

Sub(text) = 1 Male, 1 female

Hamlet scene = 2 males

That would make 6 plus me.  Having said that, I know I can consolidate several of the roles.  So the real cast looks like this:

Male #1: Puppet #1, Sub(text)

Male #2: Puppet #2, Hamlet

Female: Sub(text)

Male #3: Ghost in Hamlet

This is an awesome 33% reduction of cast.  It also allows me to approach some of my more talented friends with an offer that goes beyond doing one small part.

As far as casting, I have decided to use professional actors.  The hardest role will be the Ghost.  I can find actors to play the role, but I want to have this actor skype in their performance.  Optimally this would happen on the East Coast, preferably a New York Shakespeare actor.  This would demonstrate my idea of virtual actors.  This actor could play the role on both coasts on the same night.

The biggest hurdles to this is tech savvy and reliability.  If they or whomever is helping them can’t work the video chat, then we could all be staring at a lot of system preference windows.  If they they aren’t reliable, then I might have a great video feed, with no actor.

I have some casting ideas, but I need to lock them down before I go wide on it.  More to come.