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Tonight I step unto the breach. If you’re around between 8-9pm you might see a little of it.
Broadcasting Live with Ustream.TV

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First poster

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First Rehearsal set

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I felt like I lost last week a bit.

I had a bunch of other things to attend to, including writing a pilot and being sick.

So even though I have three weeks left (20 days actually), I still feel a little behind.

I’ve been looking at locations.  VPAC is out and the Little Theatre feels a little too big.  That leaves room 209 and the Student Union.  The union freaks me out because it’s in the middle of the campus.  209 is a horrible setting, but it’s familiar, which is always a good thing.

Here’s an ad for the kids.

Webcast dry run

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I presented a 10 minute version at the CSUN symposium on Friday.  Here’s the webcast aspect of it.  Honestly, this came out better than I expected, considering that it’s on my iPhone on a 3g connection.

I came in 2nd place in the round…which had 4 people in it.  That sounds not so good but last year I came in 3rd and this year the competition was much tougher.   What’s even better is that 2nd place had money attached to it.  I like money.

Rough idea for Ghost in Hamlet

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