Tonight I step unto the breach. If you’re around between 8-9pm you might see a little of it.
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Have I Gone too Far?

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Presentation, Rehearsal

I timed out my presentation today.  Without performances, it clocked in at around 40 minutes.   Ouch.  40 minutes of me talking and powerpointing is a LOT of attention to be paid.  The performances are supposed to break up sections, but I worry about this being too much.

I’m always really focused on audience fatigue.  I’m advocating that we shake up the template of how we present theatre so as not to bore people and I might be doing just that with a long winded presentation.

There’s stuff that can definitely be cut, but I worry about what it will do to the shape of the show and what I’m trying to say.

Might have to go to a higher power on this.  My committee.


First poster

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First Rehearsal set

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I felt like I lost last week a bit.

I had a bunch of other things to attend to, including writing a pilot and being sick.

So even though I have three weeks left (20 days actually), I still feel a little behind.

I’ve been looking at locations.  VPAC is out and the Little Theatre feels a little too big.  That leaves room 209 and the Student Union.  The union freaks me out because it’s in the middle of the campus.  209 is a horrible setting, but it’s familiar, which is always a good thing.

Here’s an ad for the kids.

Webcast dry run

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I presented a 10 minute version at the CSUN symposium on Friday.  Here’s the webcast aspect of it.  Honestly, this came out better than I expected, considering that it’s on my iPhone on a 3g connection.

I came in 2nd place in the round…which had 4 people in it.  That sounds not so good but last year I came in 3rd and this year the competition was much tougher.   What’s even better is that 2nd place had money attached to it.  I like money.