Forward Movement

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I met with my committee chair, Professor Binkley for the first time.  A great and insightful meeting, and he posed a lot of excellent questions about my project that I’ll have to look into.

On the practical side, he mentioned two specific locations for the presentation that I hadn’t considered.  One is a design room in the new Valley Performance Arts Center building.  Evidentially it is chock full of amazing new technology that could easily assist my presentation.  The drawback is that the space is not designed for a large presentation.

the second is the Little theatre in the theatre department.  Despite the name, it seats at least 200 people.  In addition, it has a large projection screen, a podium and a sound system.  All the things I need for a presentation of this nature.  I’ll vist both next week, but knowing that I have nice choices is a relief.

I’ve also decided to experiment with a body camera that streams via Ustream.   I like the idea of the audience having the ability to be on stage and see what the actor sees.

I wrote a first draft of the Sub(text) scene.  Sarah (my wife and stage manager) read it and really liked it. A big hurdle is to make sure that what ever location I find has cell reception.

This week I need to focus on setting up goals for SCVNGR.  the trick is to create goals between easy and hard so that people will actually try to accomplish the goals.  The other trick is to try and motivate them.  For video games, many times the simple acknowledgment that they completed the challenge is enough, but for students who don’t have that larger game’s motivation, I may have to sweeten the deal.  thinking about iTunes gift card for the winners.


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